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Friday, February 12, 2016
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Be the change you seek!

The Buddy Fund, owner/operator of has taken a major decision to enter the political arena. Since 2007 The Buddy Fund, through its web site has helped save the lives of over 65,000 dogs that were scheduled for euthanasia, more lives saved than the top 10 US rescues combined. Nevertheless we always realized, it just wasn't enough, that it was never going to be enough. Surveying the animal rights landscape with a broad brush, we came to the following conclusions:
  1. Rescues will never solve the animal killing problem, they only deal with the demand side of the equation - the supply side grows unhampered.
  2. Spay neuter will never solve the animal killing problem, while a useful tool in the fight, volunteer spaying, much like volunteer tax paying, will never blanket enough of the population to make a real difference.
  3. Shelter reorganizations etc will never solve the animal killing problem, again a noble and benign attempt but the costs of upgrading shelter personnel and facilities will always limit the scope of these programs.
  4. The ASPCA and other well financed organizations will NEVER sponsor or back legislation that will curtail their power to control the animal landscape and thus most importantly their revenue stream.
Just like it takes laws to keep you from driving 150mph and it takes laws to make you hand your money over to the government (taxes), it will take legislation to effect the way our animals live and die in this country. We believe the electorate is more ready that ever before, the challenge just needs to be embraced.

Enter, the political action group of The Buddy Fund! is a national organization that will act as a political advocacy group for the benefit of animals everywhere. It will tackle legislation and candidate specific campaigns in federal, state and local purview. Our single-minded focus will be to bring an end to the killing of animals in this nation's shelters.

To that end we will solicit a national membership of animal lovers for a minimal fee of $15 per year. The marketing effort will be broad in reach and will inckude, direct mail, national and local TV as well as an intense public relations effort will spark off this drive during 1st quarter of 2013. is looking for 50 individuals to act as our leads at the state levels. The task will be to lead the membership campaign and then head the ground forces for the federal and state initiatives that we will undertake. The state lead group will also act as the consultative body for all policy decisions of

If this sounds of interest to you, if you love and care for animals, if you have free time that you'd like to put to good use then here is what we're looking for from you:
  1. Spend at least 10 hours per week on
  2. Work hard to fulfill your state membership target quota
  3. Be prepared to learn new things, new skills, new ways of seeing life
  4. Have no fear to engage the public, your neighbors, your family
In return you will receive the following:
  • The moral and personal satisfaction that you were an integral part of the movement that ended the killing of animals in the USA.
  • Share in a cash success fee that will soon be announced for those that attain their state targets.
  • Join us at an annual, all expense paid trip to the AnimalsVote National Convention with lots of free time to explore away, 1st year to be held in Manhattan, New York City.
If you're up to it, the animals need you! State leads in several states have already been appointed. Remember it's one lead per state so timing matters, if you're truly interested please CLICK HERE AND FILL OUT THIS FORM! or contact us

Thank you for your time and consideration. We can stamp out this evil in our lifetime.

Alex Aliksanyan
Brenda Bush
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